CAS Wood-Based Panels


This intensive training programme is dedicated to technologists and managers of the wood-based panel industry and related sectors. It provides advanced know-how on panel manufacturing, surface technology, adhesives, and volatile organic compounds emissions. The CAS is organised in three teaching modules and a project work. The participants will be free to decide either to follow individual modules or the whole CAS-Programme.


The CAS offers you a unique platform for getting in contact with international leading experts while being trained in the most relevant issues of the specific area of competencies.

Target Audience:

Professionals from the wood panels industry and related sectors such as executive staff, wood and material technologists, research staff



Content and Date:
Surface Treatment (December 2018)

Process Technology (September 2019) 
Adhesives and Emissions  (January 2020)


Head of the CAS:

Ingo Mayer


Bern University of Applied Sciences,
Solothurnstrasse 102, CH-2504 Biel


Center for Continuing Education
Telephone +41 32 344 03 30,
E-Mail wb.ahb(at)



Sebastian Côte
Product Manager
Unibord Canada
Nord Europe Scotland

Ross Holmes
Process Improvment Lead
Nord Europe Scotland

Eulalio Jimenez
Gerente de Planta
Masisa Mexico