CAS Wood-Based Panels

This intensive training programme is dedicated to technologists and managers of the wood-based panel industry and related sectors. It provides advanced know-how on panel manufacturing, surface technology, adhesives, and volatile organic compounds emissions. The CAS is organised in three teaching modules and a project work. The participants will be free to decide either to follow individual modules or the whole CAS-Programme.


The CAS offers you a unique platform for getting in contact with international leading experts while being trained in the most relevant issues of the specific area of competencies.

Target Audience:

Professionals from the wood panels industry and related sectors such as executive staff, wood and material technologists, research staff



Content and Date:

Process Technology (11 - 15 September 2017) 
Adhesives and Emissions  (29 January - 2 February 2018)
Surface Treatment (January 2019)

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Head of the CAS:

Ingo Mayer


Bern University of Applied Sciences,
Solothurnstrasse 102, Biel


CHF 7800.–(for the CAS incl.project work)


Continuing education Biel,
Telephone +41 32 344 03 30,
E-Mail wb.ahb(at)





Nurullah Binay

Glue Plant Manager, Kastamonu, Turkey

"Particularly interesting were the new technologies and trends that were presented to us during the course. Another exciting element of the course was the networking and exchange with participants and experts from all over the world."

Claudia Loreto Pincheira Hidalgo

Ingeniero de procesos, Masisa S.A. Chile

"The most exciting part to me was the field trip. I have been introduced to new aspects that I did not know and have received new inputs that I can use for my work."

Almin Prošić

Master Student in Wood Technology, Assistent in Center of Development and Cooperation, BFH

"It was very interesting for me to hear from people who are working in the industry how they are handling problems like emissions and the health impact of emissions or how they are implying new production technologies. In the course we received information from actual world industry leaders, such as Ikea, Argolite or BASF for example. And we met with people from the industry and exchanged contacts and experiences. So I benefit not only from the course itself, but also from the great networking possibility."