Sinergia Welding for Wood

Welding for Wood:
Investigation of phenomena for technology upgrades

SNF Sinergia Project CRSI22_127467/1

The main objective of this project is to understand the formation and the behaviour of the welded interface from different welding processes in order to be able to predict the mechanical behaviour of welded connections and components. The research partners will unify their effort to achieve this objective by working at the molecular, cellular, macroscopic and building scales. This project brings together wood scientists and engineers, specialists of this technology, in order to produce a substantial contribution to the understanding of welding of wood, especially for structural applications.

  • to determine the thermo chemical and thermo physical reactions, their mechanisms, their order of apparition, their implication in the adhesion phenomenon and their energetic contribution during welding.
  • to qualify and to improve the welded connection quality by analysing the correlations between mechanical behaviour and process parameters, to define their behaviour in the frame of wood-water relations and to improve the moisture resistance of the wood welded connections.
  • to develop and to validate a computational model for studying the material behaviour during the heating and welding and of the composite during cooling after welding.
  • to up-scale the characteristics of the welded connection to the scale of elements for the wood construction and to analyze their mechanical behaviour in a global wooden structure.


Collaborative approach between the working groups for the studies from the molecular to the building scale, with specifications of the synergies (knowledge transfer and exchanges between the 4 subprojects).

The different parts of the project are executed within four research centres EPFL, BFH, LERMAB-ENSTIB (France) and EMPA during a period of three years (start on 1rst of December 2009). The objectives will be achieved through 4 Subprojects. The work plan is

divided in three experimental projects (subprojects A, B and D) and one modelling project (subproject C).

Frédéric Pichelin:

Project coordinator, member of the subproject B, C, and D, BFH.

Christelle Ganne-Chédeville:

Deputy Project coordinator, member of the subproject B, BFH.



Subproject A: Chemical and anatomical characteristics of the wood welded line.

María Inés Placencia Peña: PhD student subproject A at ENSTIB-LERMAB, research assistant at BFH
Antonio Pizzi: Subproject A leader, supervisor PhD student subproject A, member of the subproject D, ENSTIB-LERMAB.


Subproject B: Physical and hygromechanical welded joint characterisation.

Martin Rhême: PhD student subproject B at EPFL, research assistant at BFH
Parviz Navi: Subproject B leader, BFH
John Botsis: supervisor PhD student subproject B, EPFL
Joël Cugnoni: member of the subproject B, EPFL


Subproject C: Modelling of heat and mechanical effects during welding of wood.

Saeed Abbasion: PhD student subproject C at ETHZ, research assistant at EMPA
Dominique Derome: Subproject C leader, EMPA
Jan Carmeliet: supervisor PhD student subproject C, ETHZ


Subproject D: Modelling of heat and mechanical effects during welding of wood.

Benjamin Hahn:                             PhD student subproject D at EPFL, research assistant
Yves Weinand:                            Subproject D leader, supervisor PhD student
subproject D, EPFL
Bernhard Stamm:                   Member of the subproject D



Publications as peer-review papers:
At the moment no publications

Conference participations:
Rhême, M.; Ganne-Chédeville, C.; Navi, P. Soudage du bois : Avancées technologiques et futures challenges. Proceedings of Matériaux 2010 (2010), (October 18-22, Nantes, France).
Abbasion, S.; Derome, D.; Carmeliet, J. Modeling investigation of the effect of initial moisture content on the thermo-hydro-mechanical fields during the linear welding of wood. Workshop of the COST Action FP0802 (2011), (August 24-25, Helsinki, Finland).
Abbasion, S.; Derome, D.; Carmeliet, J. Modeling of heat and mechanical effects during linear welding of wood. Workshop of the COST Action FP0904 (2011), (February 16-18, Biel, Switzerland).
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Project coordinator:
Frédéric Pichelin, Dr. rer. nat.
Head of research unit materials and wood technology and Professor for adhesive technology Research and Development
Bern University of Applied Sciences Architecture,
Wood and Civil Engineering Solothurnstrasse 102,
P.O. Box, CH-2500 Biel-Bienne 6
T direct: +41 32 344 03 42,
Fax: +41 32 344 03 91,



Dr. Frédéric Pichelin
T +41 32 344 03 42