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CAS Wood-Based Panels – Module 2, Adhesives and Emissions


This concise one-week training programme is part of the CAS Wood-Based Panels.
It provides an overview of the relationships between wood raw materials, adhesives, manufacturing procedures, and properties of wood composites.
It focuses closely on the issue of formaldehyde and VOC emissions from wood-based materials. Its aim is to provide the participants with expert knowledge on the relationship between adhesive formulation, production parameters and resulting material emissions. Formaldehyde-free adhesive formulations will be discussed in detail.

At the end of the course the participants will be able to apply the knowledge gained to new types of wood composites with alternative binders that they may encounter in the future.

This module is part of the programme CAS Wood Based Panels, but can also be attended separately.

Target Audience:

The training programme is geared to the needs of professionals from the wood panels industry and related sectors such as executive staff, wood and material technologists, research staff.

Head of Course:
Dr. Frédéric Pichelin, Professor of adhesive technology
Bern University of Applied Sciences Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering, Biel


29 January - 2 February 2018


CHF 2'700.–


Bern University of Applied Sciences Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering, Solothurnstrasse 102, CH-2504 Biel




Center for Continuing Education, Phone: +41 32 344 03 30, e-mail: wb.ahb(at)bfh.ch